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Digital And Social Media Marketing

RRP $341.99

Digital and Social Media Marketing: A Results-Driven Approachis an exciting new industry-led, research-informed and results-driven guide to digital commerce. Its examples draw from SMEs and from Europe to offer a unique perspective for those learning about digital marketing and, having been developed in close collaboration with the Search Engine Marketing Trade Association (SEMTA), it is a reliable source of prevailing industry standards for practitioners at the cutting edge of their trade.

Unlike other digital marketing texts, this accessible textbook gives special consideration to the ethical challenges raised by an increasingly digital world. Equally unique is the book's Digital Business Maturity Model, which offers organisations a clear roadmap for understanding their relative levels of technology adoption.

Embracing the true spirit of Digital and Social Media Marketing, the book will be the first of its kind in this field with digital learning materials, case studies and exercises available in a supporting Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). The MOOC will enhance learners' experience and create an interactive international learning community.

The book will provide a hands on, accessible and user friendly platform to turn skills and knowledge into strategic advantage. Ideal for postgraduate learners, instructors interested in providing a unique and up-to-date learning experience and for SMEs and practitioners aiming to be at the cutting edge of Digital and Social Media Marketing.

Marketing Management

RRP $207.95

The eighth edition of Marketing Management: A Strategic Decision-Making Approach, concentrates on marketingdecision-making, rather than mere description of marketing phenomena. By providing specific tools and decision frameworks, it prepares its readers to hit the ground running and contribute tangibly to the marketing efforts of firms large and small.

Drawing on its authors' wealth of entrepreneurial and executive experience, along with their thought-leading research, the book provides an abundance of real-life examples of marketing decisions - both good and not-so-good - from around the world in companies ranging from entrepreneurial start-ups to multi-national giants.

This edition continues to be the most current and internet-savvy book available, injecting the latest developments in internet-based communication and distribution technology into every chapter.

Marketing Research

RRP $329.99

Essential to any student of the discipline, this innovative new book offers a uniquely comprehensive and applied approach to both understanding and designing market research. Sensitively balancing the fundamental quantitative methodologies and theoretical structures with practical applications of qualitative techniques, this book is a vastly accessible, useful, and insightful text. Providing several real life case studies - from the large corporation, through to the small business or the nonprofit organization - Marketing Research is packed with useful learning features such as key terms, definitions, and discussion topics. Offering comprehensive support from a companion website, this book is an indispensable guide to the varied domains of market research.

Phthalocyanine Research And Applications

RRP $1.00

The purpose of this monograph is to provide a summary for those who are active in the field of phthalocyanine research. This volume allows the reader to quickly-and at a reasonable cost-determine what is being accomplished so that he may plan his own research programs. It covers such topics as synthesis, reactions, inks, energy systems, coatings, toners, and electrophotographic plates and developers, just to name a few. Packed with over 40 structural drawings of phthalocyanine molecules, this one-of-a-kind reference provides the necessary description and visualization to stimulate further research. This work is an indispensable resource for researchers and practitioners, both novice and experienced, in the field of phthalocyanine science and technology.

On A Budget Marketing

RRP $13.99

The Ultimate Guide To Marketing On A Budget!This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to use the best on a budget marketing techniques to get the most bang for your buck, both online and offline.Today only, get this Amazing Amazon book for this limited time low price!The age of limited marketing methods is long gone. With the introduction of online marketing strategies, we're offered a wider opportunity to market our business, and to make our brand reach out to wider set of audiences. But the sudden shift towards online marketing efforts should not totally discount the power of offline marketing strategies. In fact, both types of strategies are meant to complement each other. Admittedly, both methods have their own shortcomings, and this is where integrated marketing efforts need to be harnesses for optimum results.Make Money Online Or Offline With These Proven Marketing On A Budget Techniques!Big businesses usually don't have a problem designing their marketing plans to integrate both online and offline marketing principles and methods. What if you're a small business? And more, what if you're a small business with limited funds? The latter is typical among startup business these days. The good news is online and offline marketing strategies don't necessarily have to take a huge slice in your business budget. In fact, the simplest methods discussed in this book will help you slowly gain traction.The concept of having a new marketing strategy proves exciting. This drives small businesses to eye for results almost immediately. But that's just your excitement overwhelming you knowing that you want positive results to happen. As we go through the different marketing methods in this book, you'll eventually realize that one factor controls the emergence of such results: time. So don't expect a miracle. Instead, slowly tide with time and integrate one valuable concept attributed to results: measurability.Yes, to ascertain that you're not giving away money from your business, you need to tie results to measurability. This way, you can identify which methods are effective and which ones are not. And that of course is dependent on your business. So sit tight and keep an open mind. Some methods discussed in this book might appear to be beyond what you can do. But keep one thought all throughout: how will you know if you haven't even tried?Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...Online Marketing On A Budget Strategies For Small Businesses 101Offline Marketing On A Budget Strategies For Small Businesses 101Online Marketing On A Budget Strategies For Small Business 201Offline Marketing On A Budget Strategies For Small Business 201How To Pick The Right Marketing Strategies For Your Business!How To Plan And Implement Marketing Strategies For Your BusinessGet your copy today!


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