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Basic Marketing Research

RRP $415.99

Basic Marketing Research, 8e, International Edition is the best-selling introductory marketing research text because it is accessible to students while maintaining its level of coverage. Basic Marketing Research, International Edition provides a framework for the choices and decisions that must be made by managers - an important aspect of marketing research - because decisions made in one stage of the process have consequences for other stages. Managers and marketing researchers need to appreciate the interactions among the parts of the research process so they can have confidence in a particular research result. This edition provides readers with an overview of the information gathering function from the perspective of the researchers who gather the information and the marketing managers who use it.

Marketing Research

RRP $584.99

This book offers the best approach toward communicating the intricacies of marketing research and its usefulness to the marketing organization. This highly regarded text focuses on market intelligence, strategy, theory, and application and retains its coverage of the most advanced and current marketing research methodologies. Pointing out these methodologies' limitations and strengths, the book also brings to the forefront the relevance of marketing intelligence, the power of the Internet in marketing research applications, and much more. Suitable for students in the intermediate or advanced courses.

The Foundations Of Marketing Practice

RRP $370.99

Between 1815 and 1890, the German book market experienced phenomenal growth, driven by German publishers' dynamic entrepreneurial attitude towards developing and distributing books. Embracing aggressive marketing on a large scale, they developed a growing sense of what their markets wanted. This study, based almost entirely upon primary sources including over seventy years of trade newspapers, is an in depth account of how and why this market developed-decades before there was any written theory about marketing.

This book is therefore about both marketing practice and marketing theory. It provides a uniquely well-researched account of how markets were developed in very sophisticated ways long before there was a formal discipline of marketing: for example, German publishers used segmentation at least 150 years before the first US articles on the subject appeared. Much of their experience was also shared by the UK and US book markets through international interactions between booksellers and other businessmen.

All scholars of marketing will find this historical account a fascinating insight into markets and marketing, This will also be of interest to social historians, scholars of German history, book trade and book trade historians.

Research Design And Methods

RRP $448.99

Research Design and Methods: A Process Approach takes students through the research process, from getting and developing a research idea, to designing and conducting a study, through analyzing and reporting data. Information on the research process is presented in a lively and engaging way, highlighting the numerous decisions that must be made when designing and conducting research and emphasizing the importance of ethical conduct, both in the treatment of research subjects and in the conduct of research and reporting research results.

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Strategic Marketing Problems

RRP $842.99

Strategic Marketing Problems: Cases and Comments balances the concepts and tools useful for solving marketing problems with numerous case studies that challenge readers to apply what they've learned.


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