Prepping for Your New Arrival: 6 Things to Focus On

If there’s one rule to keep in mind when prepping for the arrival of your baby, it would be, ‘don’t be anxious!’ Here are six areas you would focus on as you plan and prep for the most special thing in your life.

The Nursery

In the first couple of months, you’re obviously going to have your bub stay very close to you, day and night. However, having your little one’s nursery prepared before her arrival is always a good idea. A lot of parents agree that they’ve regretted not doing this because they never really got the opportunity to do this part after the arrival of the baby. Thus, have it ready with the key essentials set up, so that you can slowly introduce your bub to her own space when the time is right. 


There is quite a bit that comes under baby clothing. The essentials are those you would need to have sorted out in advance, and have loads of extras, too. Sleep suits, swaddles, caps, socks, and mittens are some of the top items you’d need to have in plenty. They are the ones you’d be using, even over using, in the first year or so. Apart from these, you could pick out a few outfits that she could use on occasions. You may get these later on if you wish.


Most parents don’t hesitate to start traveling and getting around soon after birth. Some of them don’t really have a choice at times. In this case, you may want to have some of the essential gear bought and ready in advance.

Car seats, strollers, and carriers are some of the key things you’d shop for around your third trimester. Look for good quality stuff because the ultimate requirement is that your baby is comfortable. You can look for high quality strollers and car seats online, too. Focus on good brands so that you won’t have to have doubts about quality and comfort.


Newborns spend most of their time sleeping. Sleep helps them grow and develop mentally and physically.  This is why you need to pay loads of attention to your babies bedding. It can sometimes be a little tricky trying to determine what the best type is.

Try talking to moms with experience, or even look at reviews on the web for insight on the types and the factors you should be focussing on when you choose bedding items for your baby. Blankets, quilts, and pillows are all essential parts of it. Don’t forget to think about size, too.


You need to be super cautious when you pick bath and skincare products for your bub. Not only are they extremely gentle, but you never know what kind of allergies and skin conditions babies could develop. Once again, find out what the safest and best options are, and get them down and ready before your baby arrives.


You need to have a good set of toys and play items for your little one, too. Babies start learning from day one! They start responding to visuals, sounds, and touch. Toys will encourage development and even entertain them. Rattles, teethers, and plush toys might be a good set of stuff to have for a start!