Different Types of Porta Potties

While porta-potties are unlikely to be on your thoughts all of the time, you may find oneself in a scenario because you need to rent one. If this is the case, you’ll be happy you know the basics of porta potties so you can choose the correct model for your occasion.

Porta-potty rentals sometimes are required at building sites, running marathons, outdoor events, and festivals. Continue reading to learn more about the various alternatives available.

Standard Units

The conventional porta toilet is by far the most standard form. This device, which is 44 inches wide, 89 inches high, and 48 inches deep, is the most popular. It is large enough to accommodate almost anyone who wants to use it.

Regular porta toilets aren’t the flashiest of portable toilets, but they do get the job done. Coat hooks, a mirror, a hand sanitizer and a soap dispenser are included in this style of portable restroom.

They’re completely made of plastic and have pale roofs that let in a lot of natural light. Furthermore, they have a large number of air slits, which helps to prevent odour accumulation over time.

Keep on reading to find out what are the best options for portable toilets.

ADA Compliant Units

You could need ADA compatible porta toilet units based on what you’ll be using them for. These models are designed expressly to serve handicapped people. The dimensions of these units are 95 inches high, 65 inches wide, and 92 inches deep. Because of the greater dimensions, wheelchairs of all sorts can easily enter.

Apart from their larger size, ADA compatible portable toilets are identical to normal models. Soap pumps, hand sanitizer dispensers, mirrors, and coat hangers are among the few facilities available.

They, like regular units, let in a lot of light and are intended to keep odours at bay during the day. If you’re having a public event, you’ll almost certainly need ADA-compliant models on hand.

Deluxe Units

Deluxe modules are a definite upgrade from both ADA complying and standard units, providing approximately 50% more space than standard units. This design is useful in circumstances where users are heavily reliant on portable toilets (ie. camping sites, construction sites, etc.).

In terms of facilities, deluxe units provide slightly more than ordinary units. These units include triple-roll toilet roll dispensers as well hand sanitizer, soap dispensers, clothes rails, and mirrors.

They have pale roofs and airflow slots, just as normal and ADA-compliant apartments. Excellent illumination and odour resistance are provided by these two elements.

Executive Units

The exec porta potty is the largest and greatest form of portable toilet available. These are slightly larger than deluxe versions and would be more than large enough for people of all sizes.

Executive suites provide a plethora of facilities to choose from. They include air con, heaters, counters, sinks, and drinkable water, in addition to coat hooks, mirrors, soap dispensers, and sanitizer applicators.

Executive portable toilets are a wonderful choice if you’re planning a high-end outdoor event. They’re almost identical to indoor restrooms.