What to Know About Australian Partner Visa

There is a partner visa stream offered by Australia where you can be sponsored if you have an Australian spouse who is either a citizen of the country or a permanent resident. There are also eligible New Zealand residents who will be able to sponsor their spouses.

There will be a temporary visa that is granted to the spouse which will be valid until a decision has been reached by the Immigration Department on permanent partner visa 100 Australia. You will be able to stay in Australia for an indefinite amount of time once you have the permanent partner visa approved. To start the process, you need to fill out and send an application for both temporary and permanent visas. There will be an assessment you need to attend in order to check whether you meet the selection criteria. It will take a few years until the permanent visa is provided. However, you should have proof to show the authorities that you and your partner have been married or been in a relationship for over 3 years. 3 years is the minimum duration that will be accepted. The waiting time for a permanent visa may be reduced if you have a child who is dependent on you.

You should not be in Australia when you are applying for this and when you are granted the partner visa. There are certain legal criteria that you need to meet even after the temporary visa is obtained. There are charges to be paid for the application process. In addition to this, there will be health examination, police checks etc. There are certain requirements that your partner needs to abide by as well. They should be living in Australia during the time of your application. But there is no rule stipulating that your partner need to stay in the country when the visa is granted. They should meet legal criteria required and pay the relevant fees for the application process.

Once the provisional or temporary visa has been granted, you will need to stay in the country for a specified duration. There will be an assessment down the line when authorities determine whether you still meet the eligibility criteria for the visa. There are three types of partner visas that you can apply such as partner visa offshore, partner visa onshore and prospective marriage visa. Even with a temporary visa, you will be able to study and work in the country as well as be eligible for the Medicare health programme. You need to make sure that all the requested documents are submitted with the application. Processing time will depend on how quickly you respond to queries for information and time taken to collect information from additional sources. The decision on your visa will be taken considering the authenticity of the documents provided with the application. You need to hold making travel arrangements until your application sees a positive result as the processing time can be unpredictable. Once you obtain provisional visa, it will usually take about two years to review the application with regard to permanent visa.