Everything You Need to Know About Electric Dog Fences

Keeping your dog safe and secure inside your home’s perimeter is one of the things you should do as a responsible dog owner. However, you can’t just keep them inside the house all day long. Dogs need some time outdoors too to keep them active, healthy and happy.

To do this, you need to both contain your dog in a safe perimeter while still giving them enough freedom to move around and enjoy the outdoors. One of the best solutions to this is installing an electric dog fence.Choosing the right one can be confusing especially if you’re still new to this device. To help you out, here are the basic things you need to know about electric dog fences.

Types of Electric Dog Fences

There are actually 2 types of electric dog fences you could choose from – wired and wireless electric dog fences. These two works similarly by setting a safe perimeter for your dog but they differ on how the boundary is set.

Wired dog fences, also known as in-ground dog fence sets a perimeter through wires that are buried under the ground. On the other hand, wireless dog fences utilize a radio signal to set up an invisible boundary around your perimeter. If you’re searching to find the best electric fences for dogs, there’s a shop in Australia that could help you out in finding the right one for your needs.

How Does It Work?

Electric dog fences work differently depending on its type. For wired dog fence, you could set up any size of perimeter for your dog to enjoy. Since you’ll be burying the wires during installation, it is up to you on how big or small the perimeter you want to set.

A radio signal is transmitted through the boundary wire. You dog will need to wear a receiver collar that detects the radio signal from the wires. As the dog approaches the boundary, the collar sends out a warning tone and inflicts a static correction when the dog leaves the perimeter.

On the other hand, wireless dog fences set a boundary through a transmitter and creates a containment circle. Since it doesn’t have wires, it is not that versatile to set up. It is not that customizable unlike wired electric dog fences. You could only have a circular boundary around your home for your dog to play around.

Area Size

Both wired and wireless fog fences can cover areas depending on your needs. However, with wired dog fence, you have more freedom to layout any size and shape of the safe perimeter for your dog. You could even add expansion kits if you need to cover bigger ground areas.

For wireless dog fences, there is a limit on how far the transmitted signal could go but you could expand the area by setting up multiple paired transmitters around and create overlapping coverage zones.

With either wired or wireless dog fence, you could easily create a safe zone for your dog to enjoy the outdoors daily.