Notable features that make exterior furniture better

The furniture used for the outdoor spaces isn’t exactly similar to the ones that are used in the interior setting. This is obviously due to the environment they’re exposed to. But you deserve to have the best amongst the best.

That’s why we thought about listing down the notable features that make outdoor or exterior furniture better than most.

Cushions are weather resistant

If not for the cushions, the comfort will be in question. But what would happen if the cushions couldn’t withstand a drizzle, or even severe sunlight for more than half an hour? This is why you cannot use just about any cushion for exterior furniture when applicable. Unless it’s weather-resistant and spun polyester, you definitely have to reconsider.

Cushions can be removed

No matter how weather-resistant the cushions were, you can’texpect them to stay as they are for the end of time – especially not when they’re back and forthexposed to severe sunlight and rain.

Hence, when you buy outdoor furniture, be sure to pick the types of furniture whose cushion can be removed. Because if not, the cushions aren’t going to last more than a few months with their quality deteriorating as you watch, not unless you get furniture covers.

The use of neutral color palettes

If you didn’t know, the reason why our cricket team, and any other cricket team, wears all white to test matches is to because white reflects heat.

The lighter the color is, the more the heat would be reflected, the darker it gets, the more would be absorbed, but if the outdoor setting can get quite dirty, an all-white fabric might not work – hence the use of lighter and neutral colors!

Use of durable timber types

As time goes, the turns of rain, sunlight, and snow are going to take a considerable toll on the core material as well. Hence, the core timber material of the chosen furniture must be a timber type such as acacia or an equivalent. Because the timber wasn’t strong enough, there’s no point in it even if all the rest of the features were of the best quality.

Cleaning doesn’t require specific chemicals

You need to clean your furniture from time to time, but you knew that already. But the real problem is, what can you use and what shouldn’t you use? If you can’tclean the furniture with a simple damp cloth, it’s mostly due to the use of a number of unnecessary layers of chemicals to compensate for the low quality of the used timber; that’s a big red flag.

The timber is already treated

There are some wall paints whose contents already contain weatherproofing materials. For some, that layer should be applied separately. What would happen if you had to apply the treatment layer by yourself? If exterior furniture prices seem to be abnormally low, be sure to ask if the price of furniture has already been treated; chances are that it’s your job to do that.