Top reasons why your deck/pergola isn’t going to last

A house with a deck and pergola is so much different from a house that doesn’t have any. That’s simply due to the sheer gap in the quality of life between the families of the two houses. The bottom line is that you want your pergola or deck to last the longest. But there are some causes that will shorten it very much.

In this read, we’re going to read all about the top reasons why your deck or pergola isn’t going to last.

The use of low-quality wood

If not for the wood most of our houses will be empty since most of the furniture is timber-based and even flooring. For all these, you probably used the best wood, but since it’s just a deck, you don’t have to go for the best quality wood, right? Wrong. The lower the quality, the faster will they decay, warp, and generally go out of order. 

Disregarding natural forces

When it comes to a pergola, all the best designs are made considering Archimedes’ principle that helps the manufacture of airplanes as well. Why? Since there won’t be any covering walls, the wind will always blow through the structure. If the pergola was weak by design, the roof might come off. On the flip side, using untreated timber panels for decks is not going to withstand the harsh natural conditions at all.

Poor craftsmanship as a whole

We cannot stress how not all companies that install pergolas and decks know what they’re doing. Just to be on the safe side, it’s better to choose a truly experienced company that deals with nothing but pergolas and decks in general.

Our best recommendation is prestige decks and pergolas where the craftsmanship is top-notch along with the quality of the materials that are used for well-thought designs. That’s how you resolved almost all the durability matters by one single decision – by choosing the best company in the business.

Choosing a core material other than wood

Although we realize that wood is the prime solution for decks, there are stainless steel ones as well. This applies most to pergolas. Truth is that no material is suitable for the core material for both types of structures as much as treated timber. That’s exactly why you should stick to reliable material in the first place.

Trying to DIY everything

There are things you should do on your own, and there are things that are better left for the professionals unless you are one – constructing pergolas and decks is one such example of that. Given that there are so many factors, specific professional equipment, and experience needed, you probably shouldn’t waste your money when there are better reliable opportunities.

In conclusion

It’s clear how avoiding these reasons not only just saves you from costly matters, but also brings you better benefit that is not limited to a prolonged lifespan of your deck/pergola. We believe you have enough substance to make better decisions regarding the subject and remember to keep what you read in your mind when you make choices.