Choosing a Hair Style Based on Your Face Shape

There is a lot to consider when choosing a hairstyle. One of the main considerations is your face shape. Having the right hairstyle that suits your face shape can elevate your inner beauty and make an arresting impression.

When you visit a hair salon like Hair By I, you can ask for recommendations from the stylist about what you should do next for your hairstyle. They will be able to assess your face shape and give you a few options based on what you prefer. But whichever hairstyle you choose, you need to style it properly every day to get the maximum benefit. Different hairstyles will require different styling times and you have to consider your lifestyle when it comes to deciding how much time you can spend fixing your hair in the morning. There are 7 types of face shapes that are primarily considered. These are oval, square, round, oblong, diamond, heart and inverted triangle. Depending on the hairstyle, it can add fullness and height to the face where required and bring out different features of your face.

There are different methods to understand the shape of your face. The easiest will be to take a photo of your face when you are staring straight ahead and then consider which shape it takes. There are also apps online that can help you do this. You will be able to sport a variety of hairstyles if you have an oval face. You can have a pixie or long waves depending on what you like. You can choose a feature to accentuate with your hairstyle. For example, bangs will bring more focus to your eyes and a bob cut will accentuate your bone structure. Diamond faces are wider than a heart face with a narrow hairline. You can accentuate your bone structure by going for a side swept hairstyle. You can also have swept back hair that directs focus on the face. You can choose haircuts with a lot of layers for this face shape.

A heart shaped face or an inverted triangle will have a wide forehead with a pointed chin. Both face shapes can share similar hairstyles such as long bangs and wide curls from mid length that create more volume at the chin. If you have a square face, the right hairstyle will soften the angles. You can choose medium length hair or bob cut that reaches to your chin. You can even have long waves that bring softness to the face. It is best to stay away from very short bob cuts as this will accentuate the squareness. If the height and width of your face are more or less the same, you have a round face. You can reduce the effect of this roundness by having long side bangs and a deep side part. Medium and long hair styles will be best for you. If a pixie is what you want to try, you can check out some choppy pixie styles. If your face is long, you can choose a hairstyle that brings volume to the sides of the face and this can be achieved by layered haircuts. Avoid any volume on the crown.