A Beginner’s Guide to Google Ads

With today’s tight competition in the market, doing business the traditional way is never enough. If you’re aiming for better performance or more sales, one of the best things you should venture into is digital marketing. There are plenty of digital marketing strategies you can choose from depending on your business – content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and a lot more.

Google Ads is one of the most cost-friendly yet efficient way of advertising your business and products online. Using this power tool can definitely improve your company’s performance when it comes to conversions and sales.

How Does It Work?

For first-timers, the common question that comes into mind is how does Google Adwords works. Basically, Google Ads work like a pay-per-click advertisement. This type of ad relies on the keywords that people type when they are searching for something on the internet. Search ads refer to the ads that use pure text only. This type of ads appears on the results page when a user matches the target keywords on the ad. On the other hand, display ads are more graphic than search ads. It can contain banners, dynamic text, and many more visually appealing features. Google Ads work both on mobile and desktop so it is always best to target both platforms for better outcomes.

Choose the Right Keywords

Using the right keywords is important in Google Ads. Do some research about the latest and most relevant keywords that are being used on similar ads to be sure that your ads are being shown on search results page. Keyword prices vary depending on how much other advertisers are willing to pay for them. The higher your bid on a certain keyword is, the more your ad appears on the first pages of Google search results. However, there are other factors that affect your rank on the results such as the quality of your landing page and the ad copy. The more relevant your ad is, the better position your ad gets on results page.

Measuring Success of an Ad

If you’re still new on pay-per-click advertising, there are some terms that you need to know to measure the success of an ad. Cost-per-click refers to how much an ad costs when clicked. Click-through rate refers to the overall effectiveness of your ad. There are also two kinds of engagement on ads – impressions and clicks. Impression is simply having someone see your ad while it becomes a click if the user taps or opens your ad to learn more about it.

Knowing the Efficiency of an Ad

Just like any other marketing strategy, it is important to track the performance of your advertisements. There are lots of tracking apps that can help you know the rate of conversions, clicks, amount of traffic and other statistics related to your ad. You’ll know if an ad is successful if it brings lots of sales and conversions to your company.

The online world is such a huge marketplace. Don’t get left out by incorporating digital marketing strategies to your business.