Difference between a Coil Nail Gun and a Framing Nail Gun

While a coil nail gun and a framing nail gun have lots of similarities, they are designed for different uses. Both of them are made to drive nails into a surface effortlessly without hammering at all. However, they do best when they are used on projects that are appropriate for them. Below are the differences between these two tools and how they are similar to each other in terms of their features.


The way they are loaded is one of the main difference between these two tools. A framing nail gun looks simple, like a regular hand gun. The nails can be found inside its nail clip. On the other hand, a coil nail gun looks a little bit different. It has a drum where the nails are placed. Unlike the framing nail gun that has a locked nail clip; coil guns have a series of nails folded inside the drum. These nails are loaded similarly to a machine gun.


Another difference between these two tools is their load capacity. In general, coil nail guns have higher load capacity compared to framing nail guns. It can hold a series of a hundred nails and even more depending on the model. Framing guns, on the other hand, can hold about 30 nails which can even be upgraded to handle more by adding an expansion clip. Framing guns typically have lower capacity since they aren’t used that much compared with a coil nail gun.

Easy to Handle

Nail guns are powerful tools and should be handled carefully. When choosing a nail gun, one of the essential factors to look for is that it should be easy to handle for you. If you think it’s too heavy or feels a bit awkward on your hand, don’t choose it. There’s a high risk for accident and danger when you can’t handle the tool very well. Typically, coil nail guns are heavier than framing guns. This is because framing guns need to be used on different angles so it should be lighter and easier to handle and manoeuvre around.


Another great difference between the two is their usability. Framing guns are only meant to be used on framing job because of its design that allows you to get into tiny corners. On the other hand, a coil nail gun can be used in various ways such as framing, roofing and many more. Since it has higher load capacity, there’s no need to keep reloading while you work – this saves a lot of time in any project you do. For instance, if you’re using a coil gun in roofing, you can almost finish nailing a small roof without filling up the drum with a new set of nails.

A framing gun and coil gun are both useful and powerful tools that make every home improvement project or construction a lot easier a faster. With proper handling, you can be assured to complete a home project in an effortless and safe way.