Features to Look for When Buying an Umbrella

Umbrellas come in so many different options and if you are planning to buy a new one, there are certain useful features you can look for. And in addition to protecting you from the sun and rain, this can be a wonderful fashion accessory as well.

When you are carrying an umbrella in the rain

A common issue you will run into is that the water will drip onto you when you close it. This has been a flaw in so many traditional umbrellas. But now, you will be able to purchase umbrellas that open in reverse so that they fold up when they close. This will prevent you from getting wet and it will also keep your surroundings dry. This is a great feature that will make entering and exiting a vehicle very easy. Also, if you are going out on a windy day, having an umbrella that opens in reverse will be easier to control and you will not have to deal with an umbrella that is flipping inside out. You can also check whether the umbrella comes with a sun safe UPF50+ rating so that the fabric protects you against UV radiation.

Another issue

When you go places with an umbrella is that you will not be able to set it down momentarily. For example, if you enter a shop and want to browse, it can be hard to do so with an umbrella on your arm. But there is a feature that can easily solve this. You can find umbrellas for sale that can stand up by themselves. This will help you when you want to pick an item up when shopping; all you need to do is stand it on itself for a few moments.

You no longer need to look for a flat surface to lean it against. Also, this is a great way of keeping the umbrella clean and dry. And to increase your convenience when using the umbrella, you can look for one with the auto open and close feature. All you need is to push a button so that the umbrella is deployed quickly and easily.

Think about how you will be carrying the umbrella

If you are commuting, you will already have other things in your hands and it can be incredibly awkward to carry everything all the while trying to use your phone or having to navigate through a crowded area. But if you choose an umbrella that comes with a loop handle, you will no longer need to hold this and this will free you up to do other tasks. You can simply have the umbrella hooked on your forearm so that you can move unencumbered.

There are also certain ways to add a bit of whimsy to the umbrella design. While many umbrellas have a design on the outside, they tend to be quite plain in the inside. But you can find umbrellas that come with designs on the underside that will be visible once they are open and these will have intricate designs and images that can add a bit of uniqueness to the umbrella. You will definitely stand out of the crown when you are holding this.