Tips for Creating a Brief for Your New Home Design

When you are building a new home, the first step is clarifying your requirements. This will be what you give the custom home builder or the designer so that they are able to bring your vision into reality.

Before you approach new home builders Canberra, you should sit down and think about your lifestyle and habits. In addition to your current requirements, you have to think about future changes as well. For example, you may be building a home as a new couple but you may be looking to expand your family. Or you may be looking to expand your business which will require office space in the future.

The layout has to be designed while careful thought is given to how it can expand later on and accommodate new requirements. You have to think about the must-have features of the house. For example, you can decide on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you need for the house. In addition to this, there may be certain other rooms you want to add such as a nursery, gym, office room, library etc.

Think about which spaces are essential for your living

When it comes to building their first home, many people make the mistake of thinking too big; they will add more and more rooms to the house which will be unoccupied the majority of the time. Instead, focus should be given to using resources carefully. This can prevent you from building a house that is too big and costly to maintain.

Once you have listed your requirements, you have to prioritise them. There may be certain features that are non-negotiable such as having a centre island for the kitchen or large spacious kitchen counters. Or you may be set on an outdoor deck especially if the land is in a picturesque location and you want to take the most use out of these beautiful views.

Once you prioritise your requirements

You will be able to focus your design brief to something more realistic. For example, you may not need to have a guest room; a living room or office room can be used for this which can be transformed to a guest room with the right adaptive furniture. Multi-use spaces are to be prioritised so that you don’t waste space.

You need to set a realistic budget for the house project from the beginning which should include the full construction along with furnishing. Many people tend to run out of money at the finishing stage and end up with an unfurnished house. Your custom home builder will be able to help you stay on track and control the budget depending on materials, finishes and the overall size of the house.

You can always look for inspiration online to learn more about different colour palettes and designs. You can share the inspiration images with the design team so they understand your expectations. Make sure that energy efficiency is incorporated into the design so that you are able to operating costs down.